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Additional file 4 of Tetraspanin CD82 is necessary for muscle stem cell activation and supports dystrophic muscle function

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posted on 2020-11-27, 04:52 authored by Arielle Hall, Tatiana Fontelonga, Alec Wright, Katlynn Bugda Gwilt, Jeffrey Widrick, Alessandra Pasut, Francesco Villa, Cynthia K. Miranti, Devin Gibbs, Evan Jiang, Hui Meng, Michael W. Lawlor, Emanuela Gussoni
Additional file 4: Supplementary Figure 4. CD82-/-:mdx5cv mice are more severely affected than mdx5cv at early age. (A) Representative image of mdx5cv and (B) CD82-/-:mdx5cv mice at 1 year of age. CD82-/-:mdx5cv mice show severe kyphosis. (C) Plethysmography assay shows significantly increased inspiration time in CD82-/-:mdx5cv compared to mdx5cv controls (***p<0.001). (D) Distribution plot of percentage of myofibers in CD82-/-:mdx5cv (red) and mdx5cv (blue) with minimum Feret diameter ranging from 10 to 90 microns. The plot shows how CD82-/-:mdx5cv mice have significantly smaller myofibers at 2 months of age. Comparisons were made with multiple t-tests (*=p≤0.05; **p≤0.01). (E) Serum creatine kinase (CK) activity assays were performed over a period of 20 weeks in independent cohorts of mice (n=4-8/timepoint/genotype). Multiple t-test analysis was made to compare the genotypes at each timepoint. The most significant changes in membrane permeability in CD82-/-:mdx5cv compared to control mdx5cv mice were observed between 5 and 10 weeks of age. (F-G) Examples of merged images of Sirius red stains used to quantify fibrotic tissue in mdx5cv and CD82-/-:mdx5cv mice at 2 months and one year. The images shown are examples of muscles at 2 months of age. Quantifications are shown in Fig. 4f.


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