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Additional file 4 of Neoadjuvant metformin added to conventional chemotherapy synergizes anti-proliferative effects in ovarian cancer

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posted on 22.08.2020, 03:34 authored by Kuo-Chang Wen, Pi-Lin Sung, Alexander T. H. Wu, Ping-Chieh Chou, Jun-Hung Lin, Chi-Ying F. Huang, Sai-Ching J. Yeung, Mong-Hong Lee
Additional file 4: Figure S4. The effects of metformin in normal- or high-glucose culture medium. Western blotting was performed to assess the expression of AMPK, AKT, MTOR, 4E-BP1 and S6 following treatment with metformin, chemotherapy (carboplatin), or both for 48 h in the presence or absence of a high-glucose medium. Beta-actin was included as a loading control.