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Additional file 4 of Glyphosate infiltrates the brain and increases pro-inflammatory cytokine TNFα: implications for neurodegenerative disorders

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posted on 2022-07-28, 08:40 authored by Joanna K. Winstone, Khyatiben V. Pathak, Wendy Winslow, Ignazio S. Piras, Jennifer White, Ritin Sharma, Matthew J. Huentelman, Patrick Pirrotte, Ramon Velazquez
Additional file 4: Figure S4. Heat Map of the top 10% of genes differentially expressed in a dose-dependent manner. Red and blue indicate z-scores with upregulated genes in red and downregulated genes in blue. Dose increases left to right (blue = vehicle control (n = 5), Green = 125 mg/kg (n = 5), orange = 250 mg/kg (n = 4), red = 500 mg/kg (n = 4).


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