Additional file 3 of Within-family plasticity of nervous system architecture in Syllidae (Annelida, Errantia)

Additional file 3 Figure S3. Myrianida sp. Innervation of head, nuchal eupalettes and segments. Maximum intensity z-projections of α-tubulin-lir (grey). A: Prostomium and anterior segments of Myrianida sp. The pharynx shows a strong autofluorescent signal. The nuchal eupalettes are marked in light blue. B: Detail of the brain of Myrianida sp. The posterior neurite bundles of the brain reach directly into the nuchal eupalettes, connecting to the primary sensory cells. C: Segmental innervation of Myrianida prolifera. The fourth segmental neurite bundle is missing in irregular patterns (red arrows). Scale bars = 50 μm (missing for C). Abbreviations: br – brain; cr – ciliary receptors; dc – dorsal cirrus; lan – neurite bundle innervating lateral antenna; lfs – laterofrongal sense organ (homology unclear); man – neurite bundles innervating median antenna; mn – main ventral nerve; mvn – median ventral nerve; ph – pharynx; pon – posterior neurite bundles of the brain. Segmental neurite bundles in yellow: I-IIV– segmental neurite bundles forming ring commissures. Micrograph C Courtesy of Dr. M. Kuper.