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Additional file 3: of Mesenchymal stem cells transplanted into spinal cord injury adopt immune cell-like characteristics

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posted on 03.04.2019, 05:00 by Ramil Hakim, Ruxandra Covacu, Vasilios Zachariadis, Arvid Frostell, Sreenivasa Sankavaram, Lou Brundin, Mikael Svensson
Figure S3. Global transcriptional changes in MSCs - extended analysis. Figure S3A two first components/variables following dimensionality reduction using principal component analysis (PCA) and t-distributed stochastic neighbor embedding (tSNE, perplexity = 3, theta = 0.5). Each dot represents one biological replicate. Ellipse represents 95% confidence interval. Figure S3B bootstrapped (1000 runs) first three components of PCA clustered using affinity propagation (left) and k-means clustering (right, 3 clusters, 20 starts). Figure S3C two first components following PCA and tSNE clustered using K-means clustering (KM, 3 clusters, 20 starts), affinity propagation (AP), expectation maximum (EM), and K-nearest neighbor (KNN, 60:40 split). Figure S3D top positive and negative loadings for the first and second principal component following PCA. (TIF 23979 kb)


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