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Additional file 3: of Decoding the proteomic changes involved in the biofilm formation of Enterococcus faecalis SK460 to elucidate potential biofilm determinants

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posted on 28.06.2019 by Karthika Suryaletha, Lekshmi Narendrakumar, Joby John, Megha Radhakrishnan, Sanil George, Sabu Thomas
Figure S2. Functional interactome of up-regulated proteins in biofilm stages, generated using STRING network prediction algorithm (Version 10.5). Colored nodes: query proteins and first shell of interactors. Empty nodes: proteins of unknown 3D structure. Filled nodes: some 3D structure is known or predicted. Edges represent protein-protein associations. Known interactions- Pink represents experimentally determined, wathet-blue represents from curated database, predicted interactions -green represents gene neighborhood, dark blue represents gene co-occurrence, red represents gene fusions, and black represents co-expression. (TIF 8948 kb)


Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India