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Additional file 3: of AMPK-dependent and independent actions of P2X7 in regulation of mitochondrial and lysosomal functions in microglia

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posted on 20.11.2018, 05:00 by Ponarulselvam Sekar, Duen-Yi Huang, Shie-Liang Hsieh, Shwu-Fen Chang, Wan-Wan Lin
Figure S3. Immunoblotting analysis of main Fig. 3 were quantified using Image J software. Data were the mean ± S.E.M. from 3 independent experiments. *p < 0.05, indicating the significant effects of ATP, BzATP and nigericin; #p < 0.05, indicating the antagonist effects of A438079, mitoTEMPO, Compound C, siAMPK and P2X7−/− on the individual action of ATP, BzATP and/or nigericin. (TIF 5179 kb)


Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan