Additional file 3: Figure S3. of Glymphatic distribution of CSF-derived apoE into brain is isoform specific and suppressed during sleep deprivation

Radial distribution around arteries is greater for non-lipidated than lapidated apoE4. A-H) Representative images (from 3 to 4 mice) of radial diffusion of non-lipidated (A-D) and lipidated apoE4-Alexa647 that was colored green (E-H) at 10 min after their intracisternal injection in NG2ds-Red (NG2, red) reporter mice. The vasculature was outlined by intravascular labeling with lectin (colored blue). Scale bar = 100 μm. I) Clearance of 125I-apoE3 and 125I-apoE4 (10 nM) 90 min after their intracortical injection (0.5 μL over 5 min). J) FITC-apoE3 (10 nM) or 125I-apoE3 (10 nM) ISF clearance were similar 90 min after their intracortical injection. Values are mean ± SEM, n = 5-6 mice. (EPS 26205 kb)