Additional file 3: Figure S1. of The HLA-B*35 allele modulates ER stress, inflammation and proliferation in PBMCs from Limited Cutaneous Systemic Sclerosis patients

Validation of array results in HC PBMCs transduced with lentivirus. Expression levels of selected genes upregulated (HSPA1A, known as BiP, DNAJB1, HMGB1, FYN, and ATM) and downregulated (CDKNA1, known as p21, Bax, Gadd45, C1QC, and C1QB) in the array analysis were verified by qPCR in four PBMC cell lines freshly isolated from healthy controls transduced with lentivirus encoding HLA-B*35 or HLA-B*8. Empty lentivirus served as additional control. Graph represents average of four different HC PBMC cell lines. (TIF 127 kb)