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Additional file 2: of Regulation of the oncogenic phenotype by the nuclear body protein ZC3H8

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posted on 24.07.2018, 05:00 by John Schmidt, Keith Danielson, Emily Duffner, Sara Radecki, Gerard Walker, Amber Shelton, Tianjiao Wang, Janice Knepper
Figure S2. Nuclear Protein Marker Localization in mouse and human cell lines. A) Localization of ZC3H8, PML, COILIN, CK2 and ICE2 (NARG2) in nuclear bodies in COMMA-D mouse mammary cells. B) ZC3H8, SMN, and COILIN partially co-localize in cV1A 03–31 cells. C) Localization of COILIN and DAXX in HeLa cells. D) Localization of PML in cells transfected with control or Zc3h8 shRNA vectors. (TIF 41195 kb)


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