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Additional file 2: of Probabilistic modeling of personalized drug combinations from integrated chemical screen and molecular data in sarcoma

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posted on 2019-06-17, 05:00 authored by Noah Berlow, Rishi Rikhi, Mathew Geltzeiler, Jinu Abraham, Matthew Svalina, Lara Davis, Erin Wise, Maria Mancini, Jonathan Noujaim, Atiya Mansoor, Michael Quist, Kevin Matlock, Martin Goros, Brian Hernandez, Yee Doung, Khin Thway, Tomohide Tsukahara, Jun Nishio, Elaine Huang, Susan Airhart, Carol Bult, Regina Gandour-Edwards, Robert Maki, Robin Jones, Joel Michalek, Milan Milovancev, Souparno Ghosh, Ranadip Pal, Charles Keller
Figure S2. Heat map of merged Roche Orphan Kinome chemical screen, RNA-seq, siRNA, and phosphoproteomics results. Due to the large number of compounds and protein targets, only a limited scope of compounds and targets is shown here (For full data, see Additional file 17: Table S3). Bright red indicates high sensitivity values, gradating down to white meaning low sensitivity. Gray indicates no interaction or no available data. (TIF 58505 kb)


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