Additional file 2: of Melatonin prevents bone destruction in mice with retinoic acid–induced osteoporosis

Figure S2. Biochemical markers bone metabolism in osteoporosis (OP) mice. Laboratory tests for biochemical markers of bone metabolism. Serum bone metabolism-related indicators RANKL (A), TRACP (B), OPG (C), ALP (D), phosphorus (E), calcium (F), and urinary phosphorus (G), and calcium (H) were determined after the administration of retinoic acid (RA) for 15 d. Control: normal mice, Model: RA-induced OP model mice, Mlt-L: low-dose melatonin-treated OP model mice, Mlt-H: high-dose melatonin-treated OP model mice. Positive control: alendronate-treated OP mice. *, P < 0.05 vs control. #, P < 0.05 vs model; n = 6 per group. (TIF 1247 kb)