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Additional file 2: of Lipolytic inhibitor G0S2 modulates glioma stem-like cell radiation response

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posted on 2019-04-05, 05:00 authored by Yinfang Wang, Yanli Hou, Weiwei Zhang, Angel Alvarez, Yongrui Bai, Bo Hu, Shi-Yuan Cheng, Kun Yang, Yanxin Li, Haizhong Feng
Figure S2. Quantitative real-time-PCR (QRT-PCR) analysis of 53BP1 mRNA expression in LN229/G0S2 and LN229/Control cells after IR treatment. ACTB was used as an internal control. Errors bars, SD. *, p < 0.05. (EPS 837 kb)


National Natural Science Foundation of China