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Additional file 2 of Influence of Casein kinase II inhibitor CX-4945 on BCL6-mediated apoptotic signaling in B-ALL in vitro and in vivo

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posted on 05.03.2020, 05:01 by Anna Richter, Sina Sender, Annemarie Lenz, Rico Schwarz, Burkhard Hinz, Gudrun Knuebel, Anett Sekora, Hugo Murua Escobar, Christian Junghanss, Catrin Roolf
Additional File 2: Figure S1. Evaluation of CX-4945 application on organ infiltration in SEM-engrafted NSG mice. NSG mice were i.v.-injected with 2.5 × 106 GFP- and luciferase-transduced SEM cells and treated with vehicle (control) or 50 mg/kg CX-4945 i.p. twice daily from d7–13. Mice were sacrificed on d10, d13 or d15 for subsequent analyses. Bioluminescence imaging of brain, skull, lung, heart, liver, sternum, spleen, kidney, femur, tibia and fat tissue was performed directly after mice were sacrificed. Four animals per time point and study group.


Universität Rostock