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Additional file 2 of Estradiol-mediated inhibition of Sp1 decreases miR-3194-5p expression to enhance CD44 expression during lung cancer progression

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posted on 2022-01-17, 07:14 authored by Ming-Jer Young, Yung-Ching Chen, Shao-An Wang, Hui-Ping Chang, Wen-Bin Yang, Chia-Chi Lee, Chia-Yu Liu, Yau-Lin Tseng, Yi-Ching Wang, H. Sunny Sun, Wen-Chang Chang, Jan-Jong Hung
Additional file 2: Fig. S2. The mRNA level of E-cadherin in A549 cells with or without E2 treatment was studied by q-PCR. After three independent experiments were completed, the results were quantitated, and statistical analysis was performed with a t test; *p < 0.05 (A). The level of E-cadherin in EGFRL858R-induced lung cancer mice including male and female mice was studied by IHC assay (B)


Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan