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Additional file 2: of Circulating tumor cell and cell-free RNA capture and expression analysis identify platelet-associated genes in metastatic lung cancer

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posted on 2019-06-19, 05:00 authored by Tim Beck, Yanis Boumber, Charu Aggarwal, Jianming Pei, Catherine Thrash-Bingham, Patricia Fittipaldi, Ramillya Vlasenkova, Chandra Rao, Hossein Borghaei, Massimo Cristofanilli, Ranee Mehra, Ilya Serebriiskii, R. Alpaugh
Figure S2. (A) Hierarchical clustering of differentially expressed transcripts based on CTC derived mRNA; differences for 41 genes were statistically significant. (B) STRING network of 23 top transcripts. (JPG 311 kb)


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