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Additional file 2: of Ancient role of vasopressin/oxytocin-type neuropeptides as regulators of feeding revealed in an echinoderm

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posted on 31.07.2019, 04:00 authored by Esther Odekunle, Dean Semmens, Nataly Martynyuk, Ana Tinoco, Abdullah Garewal, Radhika Patel, Liisa Blowes, Meet Zandawala, JĂŠrĂ´me Delroisse, Susan Slade, James Scrivens, Michaela EgertovĂĄ, Maurice Elphick
Asterias rubens VP/OT-type receptor. The nucleotide sequence (lowercase, 1510) of a cDNA encoding the receptor protein (uppercase, 428 amino acid residues) is shown. Primers used for cloning are represented in bold and underlined text. The asterisk denotes the position of the stop codon. The predicted seven transmembrane domains are highlighted in grey within the protein sequence. This cDNA sequence is identical to part of a longer assembled transcript sequence (contig 1122053), which has been submitted to the GenBank database under the accession number MK279533. (TIF 13215 kb)


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