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Additional file 2: Figure S1. of Genome-wide transcriptional regulation of estrogen receptor targets in fallopian tube cells and the role of selective estrogen receptor modulators

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posted on 2016-02-15, 05:00 authored by Georgette Moyle-Heyrman, Matthew Schipma, Matthew Dean, David Davis, Joanna Burdette
E2 response in putative OVCA precursor cell types. a, b) Densitometry of ERα and PRA protein levels in response to 1 nM E2 treatment (relative to solvent control and normalized to actin) of FVB MOE and FVB MOEp53R273H cells. c) qPCR analysis of Pgr induction in response to 24 h treatment with 1 nM E2 in FVB MOE and FVB MOEp53R273H cells. d) FVB MOSE cells treated with an HDAC inhibitor (HD13) does not upregulate ERα or recover E2 responsiveness. Significant difference relative to DMSO control denoted by * (p < 0.05), ** (p < 0.01), and *** (p < 0.001). (TIF 150 kb)


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