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Additional file 1 of Validation of retail food outlet data from a Danish government inspection database

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posted on 2022-09-27, 07:46 authored by Kamille Almer Bernsdorf, Henrik Bøggild, Mette Aadahl, Ulla Toft
Additional file 1. Map displaying the Capital region of Denmark (excluding the island Bornholm) (within dotted lines) illustrating the geographical distribution of the randomly selected grid cells (black boxes) for the ground-truthing. Each cell is 250x250m and contain at least one type of food outlet. 336 grids were selected; of these 3 were mistakenly placed outside the Capital region, while 4 grids were placed at an amusement park (i.e. not accessible to the greater public). These were discarded leaving 329 grids. Additionally, 32 grids were selected as being “empty” according the Smiley Register 2021. Map created in ArcGIS PRO.