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Additional file 1: of The role of definitive chemoradiotherapy versus surgery as initial treatments for potentially resectable esophageal carcinoma

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posted on 17.08.2018, 05:00 by Ming-Wei Ma, Xian-Shu Gao, Xiao-Bin Gu, Mu Xie, Ming Cui, Min Zhang, Ling Liu, Huan Yin, Long-Qi Chen
Figure S1. Forest plot comparison of ORs of the OS between the dCRT and surgery arms for stage I ESCC patients. The OR of the 2-year OS was 1.021 (95% CI 0.488–2.134; P = 0.957). Publication bias test: P = 0.308 (Begg’s test); P = 0.042 (Egger’s test). Weights are from fixed-effects analyses. (TIF 450 kb)