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Additional file 1 of Plasmodium vivax merozoite-specific thrombospondin-related anonymous protein (PvMTRAP) interacts with human CD36, suggesting a novel ligand–receptor interaction for reticulocyte invasion

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posted on 2023-11-20, 05:40 authored by Thau Sy Nguyen, Ji-Hoon Park, Tuyet-Kha Nguyen, Truong Van Nguyen, Seong-Kyun Lee, Sung-Hun Na, Jin-Hee Han, Won-Sun Park, Wanjoo Chun, Feng Lu, Eun-Taek Han
Additional file 1: Figure S1. (A) SDS‒PAGE analysis of 13 recombinant proteins that are abundant on reticulocytes and were expressed and purified based on the Fc-tag. Different migration of protein under reducing (R) and non-reducing (N) conditions confirmed the existence of the Fc-tag. (B) Quality assessment of PvDBP-RII using ELISA and BLI experiments.


Eun-Taek Han