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Additional file 1: of Liprin-α1 modulates cancer cell signaling by transmembrane protein CD82 in adhesive membrane domains linked to cytoskeleton

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posted on 13.07.2018 by Henna Pehkonen, Mira Lento, Pernilla von Nandelstadh, Artemis Filippou, Reidar Grénman, Kaisa Lehti, Outi Monni
Figure S1. A: UT-SCC-42B stained with vinculin (green) and liprin-α1 (red) in 3D collagen I matrix. B: Co-localization of F-actin and liprin-α1 in UT-SCC-19B and UT-SCC-42B (left and middle) or vinculin and liprin-α1 in 3D UT-SCC-42B (right) cell colonies. Pearson’s co-localization coefficient and two-channel co-localization maps showing the contribution of each pixel to the co-localization coefficient. Scale bar 30 μm. (JPG 343 kb)


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