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Additional file 1: of KLF4, a miR-32-5p targeted gene, promotes cisplatin-induced apoptosis by upregulating BIK expression in prostate cancer

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posted on 03.09.2018, 05:00 by Lu Zhang, Xiaojie Li, Yulin Chao, Ruiping He, Junqiang Liu, Yi Yuan, Wenzhi Zhao, Chuanchun Han, Xishuang Song
Figure S1. (A) KLF4 WT or KO PC3 cells were treated with 20 μM cisplatin at the indicated times. Gene expression profiles were obtained by RNA sequencing analysis. The number of changed genes (fold change > 2) was analysed. (B-C) Significantly enriched GO terms are listed. (TIF 521 kb)


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