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Additional file 1 of Exploring the neurobiology of the premonitory phase of migraine preclinically – a role for hypothalamic kappa opioid receptors?

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posted on 2022-09-30, 06:16 authored by Caroline M. Kopruszinski, Robson Vizin, Moe Watanabe, Ashley L. Martinez, Luiz Henrique Moreira de Souza, David W. Dodick, Frank Porreca, Edita Navratilova
Additional file 1: Supplementary Fig. 1. Systemic administration of the same dose of U-69,593 used in the rat study did not increase water consumption and urination in female mice. Mice were individually placed in metabolic chambers and received a single subcutaneous administration of U-69,593 at 0.56 mg/kg or vehicle-control. (A) Water consumption and (B) volume of urine, as outcome measurements of thirst and polyuria, respectively, were evaluated 120 minutes after treatment. Data are presented as mean ±SEM and analyzed using one-way ANOVA followed by Sidak’s multiple comparison test with * representing p<0.05 compared to the control group (n = 8 females/group).