Additional file 10: of Loss of CREST leads to neuroinflammatory responses and ALS-like motor defects in mice

Figure S5. Expression Pattern of CREST in CNS, related to Fig. 5. (A) Relative expression of CREST in cell types of human (left) and mouse (right) brain revealed by Brain RNA-Seq database. (B and C) Representative confocal immunohistochemistry images of co-localization of astrocyte marker GFAP (red) and CREST (green) (four left panels), and of microglial marker Iba1 (green) and CREST (red) (four right panels) in both cerebral motor cortex (B) and lumbar spinal cord (C). Arrows indicate GFAP-positive astrocytes or Iba1-positive microglia. Scale bar, 10Îźm. (TIF 21670 kb)