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MOESM8 of Serological markers to measure recent changes in malaria at population level in Cambodia

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posted on 04.11.2016, 05:00 by Karen Kerkhof, Vincent Sluydts, Laura Willen, Saorin Kim, Lydie Canier, Somony Heng, Takafumi Tsuboi, Tho Sochantha, Siv Sovannaroth, Didier Ménard, Marc Coosemans, Lies Durnez
Additional file 8. Incidence rate ratios and p values estimated to indicate difference between the Ab intensity (ln(MFI)) and the levels of exposure per age group (6–5 and 16–50 years). Significant differences between the different levels of exposure (High-, Medium-, Low prevalence) were seen for all specific Ags (p<0.00025). The incidence rate ratios (IRR) confirm that the MFI value decline together with the PCR prevalence in the villages and rise with age. Incidence Rate Ratio that indicates for how much (if > 1) or less (if < 1) the covariates decline with PCR prevalence level or rise with an increasing age. This is performed in respect to the reference category and LCI and UCI representing the lower and upper 95% confidence intervals based on the total sample size of n = 6,499 individuals from 98 villages.


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