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MOESM4 of Integrative visual omics of the white-rot fungus Polyporus brumalis exposes the biotechnological potential of its oxidative enzymes for delignifying raw plant biomass

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posted on 23.07.2018, 05:00 by Shingo Miyauchi, AnaĂŻs Rancon, Elodie Drula, Hayat Hage, Delphine Chaduli, Anne Favel, Sacha Grisel, Bernard Henrissat, Isabelle HerpoĂŤl-Gimbert, Francisco Ruiz-DueĂąas, Didier Chevret, Matthieu Hainaut, Junyan Lin, Mei Wang, Jasmyn Pangilinan, Anna Lipzen, Laurence Lesage-Meessen, David Navarro, Robert Riley, Igor Grigoriev, Simeng Zhou, Sana Raouche, Marie-NoĂŤlle Rosso
Additional file 4: Dataset S2. Mean transcript read counts and numbers of proteins detected in the secretomes for each node of the Tatami map.


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