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MOESM4 of Genome sequence of the model rice variety KitaakeX

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posted on 2019-11-28, 05:02 authored by Rashmi Jain, Jerry Jenkins, Shengqiang Shu, Mawsheng Chern, Joel Martin, Dario Copetti, Phat Duong, Nikki Pham, David Kudrna, Jayson Talag, Wendy Schackwitz, Anna Lipzen, David Dilworth, Diane Bauer, Jane Grimwood, Catherine Nelson, Feng Xing, Weibo Xie, Kerrie Barry, Rod Wing, Jeremy Schmutz, Guotian Li, Pamela Ronald
Additional file 4. Comparative genomic analysis between KitaakeX and Nipponbare. SNPs, InDels, PAVs, Inversions, and genes affected by SNPs, IndDels, PAVs and Inversions are listed in this file.


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