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MOESM2 of The cancer proteomic landscape and the HUPO Cancer Proteome Project

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posted on 2018-01-25, 05:00 authored by Connie Jimenez, Hui Zhang, Christopher Kinsinger, Edouard Nice
Additional file 2: Table S2. Meta-analysis of human cancer genes. Meta-analysis data on driver genes and mutated genes in cancer provided in eight publications were downloaded, mapped to official gene symbols, and gathered in a Combined List with gene-wise annotation of the number of studies implicating the gene. The file includes a list of kinase genes retrieved from the KinBase website maintained by the Manning lab ( http://kinase.com/web/current/kinbase ; original publication: Manning et al. The Protein Kinase Complement of the Human Genome. Science 2002; 298:1912-34), which was used to annotate kinase genes in the Combined List. References for the eight underlying publications are given in a separate tab.