MOESM1 of Circular RNA circ_0003204 inhibits proliferation, migration and tube formation of endothelial cell in atherosclerosis via miR-370-3p/TGFβR2/phosph-SMAD3 axis

Additional file 1: Figure S1. GO and pathway analysis of the upregulated genes in GSE13139. Dot plot representing biological process with the top 10 most significantly enriched terms (A), cellular component (B), molecular function (C), KEGG pathways (D) and Reactome pathways (E) for the upregulated genes. (F) GESA was conducted to search significant KEGG pathway for the upregulated genes. P < 0.001, FDR = 0.181. Figure S2. CircRNA-miRNA-mRNA network of hsa_circ_0003204 (red rhombic node) and its 39 predicted miRNAs (orange triangle nodes) and 10 highest-ranking candidate mRNAs (blue circular nodes). Figure S3. GO, KEGG and PPI network analysis of circ_0003204. Dot plot showing biological process (A), molecular function (B), cellular component (C) and KEGG (D) with the respective top 10 most significantly enriched terms. (E) Analysis of PPI network using Integrated Interactions Database with filter interaction by 'experimental and predicted' and 'atherosclerosis'. The hub genes in PPI was labeled with the colored nodes of which the color depth referred to the 'degree' calculated by Cytoscape. (F) KEGG enriched cluster of genes from PPI network using Metascape. (G) The genes in Fig.F were colored by their P-value. (H) The enriched cluster showing interaction of 7 modules in PPI network as analyzed by Metascape. (I) Seven modules obtained from PPI network. Figure S4. The expression level of mmu-miR-370 and mmu-miR-197 in GSE34645, GSE34644 and GSE34646. (A) A microarray heat map from GSE34645 representing discrepant miRNA expression in atherosclerosis plaque on 3 month high fat diet compared with undieased arterial tissue (|log2FC| > 2, P < 0.05). mmu-miR-370 was marked by red. (B), (C) and (D) Volcano plots presenting the differently expressed miRNAs from GSE34645, GSE34644 and GSE34646. Both mmu-miR-370 and mmu-miR-197 were indicated by blue arrow. Figure S5. Involvement of TGFβR2 in FOXO signaling pathway.