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Lignin deconstruction by anaerobic fungi

posted on 2023-03-10, 08:01 authored by Thomas S. Lankiewicz, Michelle A. O’Malley
Lankiewicz_Lignin_REgulated_GOI.xlsx - A table of high priority genes of interest from this study, determined by combining differential expression with lignin deconstruction observations and predictive modeling. Genes of interest for this study are those that meet our criteria of upregulation on all three lignocelluloses and possession of a signal peptide. Lankiewicz_GOI_Neocallimastigomycetes_BLAST_Result.xlsx - Summary: A table of the identified, upregulated genes of highest interest for this study that are conserved across the Neocallimastigomycetes taxonomic class. These results demonstrate that homologs of many gene products of interest are present in every available, sequenced anaerobic fungal genome, and some of these predicted peptides are highly conserved.


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