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posted on 2017-11-30, 18:39 authored by Stefan Dietze, Davide Taibi, Jeff Heflin, Christoph Lange
Metadata of the ISWC2017 conference (https://iswc2017.semanticweb.org), serialised into Turtle format. This data set covers information across all tracks (authors, papers, organisations, etc). For further information, please contact the authors via the following link: https://iswc2017.semanticweb.org/program/iswc-metadata/

The metadata is in a single compressed .gz file that can be opened with standard compression utilities, metadata is provided in Terse RDF Triple Language; .ttl that can be openly accessed via text edit software.

ISWC 2017, the 16th International Semantic Web Conference, taking place on 21–25 October 2017 in Vienna, Austria, is the premier international forum for the Semantic Web / Linked Data Community. As such, it is committed to publishing data in a reusable way.

Data for the ISWC 2017 conference proceedings are available at https://springernature.figshare.com/semweb. The conference proceedings papers themselves are available via https://dx.doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-68288-4


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