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Data table for historical cardiovascular health in Surinamese men

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posted on 18.12.2018, 09:37 by Lizzy M. Brewster, Jules Brewster

This dataset consists of a single data table in .docx Word document format, holding aggregated data on cardiovascular risk factors for men in Paramaribo, Suriname.

In related studies from 2013-2015, the population of Suriname was found to have a high cardiovascular risk factor burden. Around 40% of the general population was hypertensive, 15% had diabetes, and the large majority had one or more risk factors for cardiovascular disease. However, it was not possible to assess time trends in these risk factors as historical data were lacking.

This dataset holds rediscovered and hitherto unpublished aggregated data of what was apparently the first population study on measured blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular health in men in Suriname, assessed in 1973. These are presented alongside 2013 data for the same variables. These data may help understand the cardiovascular risk factor escalation of the local population in time as well as aid in projections of future cardiovascular disease in this middle income country.

The variables reported in the data table are: sample size (%), sampling method, African ancestry (%), Regular leisure exercise (%), Ever smoked tobacco (%), Hypertension (%) and Diabetes (%).


Lizzy Brewster is supported by the Creatine Kinase Foundation Amsterdam, project number 18CKF905PH20502


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