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Brain mass and body mass datasets and phylogenies linked to brain-body allometry and the encephalization of birds and mammals

posted on 2018-08-14, 10:41 authored by Masahito Tsuboi, Wouter van der BijlWouter van der Bijl, Bjørn Tore Kopperud, Johannes Erritzøe, Kjetil Lysne Voje, Alexander Kotrschal, Kara E. Yopak, Shaun P Collin, Andrew Iwaniuk, Niclas Kolm
This dataset consists of 6 .xlsx Excel format spreadsheet files and 6 .nex Nexus format phylogenetic data files recording body mass, brain volume and brain mass data for 4,587 of amphibians, birds, cartilaginous fishes, mammals, reptiles, and teleost fishes.

The related study investigates the influence of reduced phenotypic integration between brain and body size on encephalization in birds and mammals. This research addresses the requirement for a comparison of intraspecific allometries across a wide range of taxa to address theoretical arguments for a decoupling of phenotypic integration between brain and body size.

The Excel files contain observations as rows (note that each observation may include multiple samples) with following variables: brain mass (g), body mass (g), brain volume (mm3 or ml), sex, age class, collected date, collected location, sample size, specimen ID (for museum specimens), references and remarks. Clades from Order to Species (or Subspecies where relevant) are provided for each observation. In specific Excel files the following variables are included: SVL (snout to vent length), standard length (i.e. excluding caudal fin) and total length for fishes, and geographical coordinates. 20,213 observations are included.

'Remarks' is a free text value that may include for example details of data conversion and methodology or specimen collection locations.

Data acquisition methods specific to the sample are described in referenced articles. Citations should be made for original references.

The following data files are included:
Tsuboi_etal_NEE_amphibian.xlsx - amphibians
Tsuboi_etal_NEE_bird.xlsx - birds
Tsuboi_etal_NEE_mammal.xlsx - mammals
Tsuboi_etal_NEE_reptile.xlsx - reptiles
Tsuboi_etal_NEE_shark_ray.xlsx - sharks and rays
Tsuboi_etal_NEE_teleost.xlsx - teleost fishes

In Nexus files, time-calibrated phylogenies are given. Phylogenies of Chondrichthyes and Amphibia were time-calibrated by the authors. Other phylogenies are used unchanged from those associated with original articles (references are found in the main text), except for taxon identities which we modified to the most updated taxa according to the International Taxonomic Information System (ITIS).

Each Nexus file contains a 'Trees' block containing phylogenetic trees described using the Newick format.

The following phylogenetic tree files are included:
amp_phylo_calib.nex - amphibians
bird_phylo.nex - birds
mammal_phylo.nex - mammals
rep_phylo.nex - reptiles
shark_phylo_calib.nex - sharks and rays
tel_phylo.nex - teleost fishes


This study was funded by the Japanese Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS) Postdoctoral Fellowship for Young Scientist (2016-3238) and the Norwegian Research Council Norway-Japan researcher mobility grant (258580/H30) to MT, Swedish Research Council grants (2009-5157, 2012-03624) to NK, Canada Research Chairs Program to AI and the Australian Research Council to SPC.


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