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Blockchain Enabled Privacy Audit Logs

posted on 11.09.2017, 13:29 authored by Andrew Sutton, Reza Samavi
This fileset contains the L2TAP (Linked Data Log to Transparency, Accountability, and Privacy) privacy audit logs used in the experimental evaluation described in the associated Blockchain Enabled Privacy Audit Logs, ISWC 2017 research paper.

The datasets contain RDF named graphs that illustrate various privacy events in an L2TAP audit log as well as signature and block RDF graphs described in the associated publication. Each zip folder holds synthetic L2TAP log data, simulating the process of an auditor checking the integrity of an audit log. A basic log consists of eight events: log initialization, participants registration, privacy preferences and policies, access request, access response, obligation acceptance, performed obligation, and actual access.
The zip file name refers to the number of events in the log, e.g. 9998, while individual .rdf files refer to specific events logged.

Data are provided in .rdf format, accessible from standard text edit software, within compressed .zip files, which can be uncompressed using standard compression utilities.

Background (associated publication abstract):
Privacy audit logs are used to capture the actions of participants in a data sharing environment in order for auditors to check compliance with privacy policies. However, collusion may occur between the auditors and participants to obfuscate actions that should be recorded in the audit logs. In this paper, we propose a Linked Data based method of utilizing blockchain technology to create tamper-proof audit logs that provide proof of log manipulation and non-repudiation. We also provide experimental validation of the scalability of our solution using an existing Linked Data privacy audit log model.


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