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BCG dataset

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posted on 2023-03-13, 10:04 authored by Wan-Ting Hsieh, Sergio González Vázquez, Trista Chen
BCG dataset: The bed based ballistocardiography dataset collected and shared by Carlson et al. [3]. Both ABP and PPG signals were recorded from 40 subjects, with one record per subject. The original sampling rate of the signals is 1000 Hz. We resampled them at 125 Hz to be consistent with the previous data sets. Then, we multiplied the ABP signals by a factor of 100 since they are scaled at 100 mmHg/volt in the downloaded dataset. After preprocessing, there are 2559 segments left, which is around 4 hours of recording. To sum up, the BCG dataset is a small to medium-sized set with less data variation given its low number of subjects; its remarkably high ratio of segments per subject (63.97); and a narrower BP distribution. We applied a 5-fold CV to partition the data. [3] Carlson, C. et al. Bed-based ballistocardiography dataset (2020). IEEE Dataport