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Additional file 9: of Comparative transcriptome analysis of the invasive weed Mikania micrantha with its native congeners provides insights into genetic basis underlying successful invasion

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posted on 2018-05-24, 05:00 authored by Wuxia Guo, Ying Liu, Wei Ng, Pei-Chun Liao, Bing-Hong Huang, Weixi Li, Chunmei Li, Xianggang Shi, Yelin Huang
KEGG pathways with genes significantly differed between two species. (a) M. micrantha-M. cordata. (b) M. micrantha-M. cordifolia. (c) M. cordata-M. cordifolia. Significance was tested using Fisher’s exact test and control of false discovery rate (FDR) with P-value cutoff of 0.05. (XLSX 31 kb)


National Natural Science Foundation of China