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Additional file 9: Table S2. of Preliminary comparative genomics revealed pathogenic potential and international spread of Staphylococcus argenteus

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posted on 23.10.2017, 05:00 by Dao-Feng Zhang, Xiao-Yang Zhi, Jing Zhang, George Paoli, Yan Cui, Chunlei Shi, Xianming Shi
Prevalence and relatedness of virulence genes among S. aureus complex (SAC) genomes. The presence/absence and interspecies divergence was analyzed for 111 virulence genes from 51 SAC genomes (30 S. aureus, 15 S. argenteus and 6 S. schweitzeri. Five virulence genes, sed, see, sej, selr and etb, are not listed in the table because they were not detected in any of the 51 SAC genomes examined. a *, these genes have tandem repeat regions, so the interspecies divergence of the nucleotide sequences may not clearly reflect the true evolutionary divergence. b The number of SAC genomes of each species harboring each virulence gene. c The gene family numbers as listed in Additional file 3: Table S1. d NA, not applicable; SA, S. aureus; SG, S. argenteus; SW, S. schweitzeri. e Maximum likelihood phylogenetic trees were contructed based on nucleotide sequence, using substitution matrix GTR and executing 100 rapid bootstrap inferences. The species names were omitted in tip labels. f p.g., pseudogene. (XLSX 1797 kb)


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