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Additional file 8 of Altered secretory and neuroprotective function of the choroid plexus in progressive multiple sclerosis

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posted on 20.03.2020, 04:54 authored by Sabela Rodríguez-Lorenzo, David Miguel Ferreira Francisco, Ricardo Vos, Bert van het Hof, Merel Rijnsburger, Horst Schroten, Hiroshi Ishikawa, Wissam Beaino, Rémy Bruggmann, Gijs Kooij, Helga E. de Vries
Additional file 8: Supplementary Table 4. Details of the human brain samples used. Patient information and lesion type are provided. PMD: Post-mortem delay; CA: chronic active; CIA: chronic inactive.


H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Stichting MS Research (NL)