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Additional file 6 of Large-scale analysis of sheep rumen metagenome profiles captured by reduced representation sequencing reveals individual profiles are influenced by the environment and genetics of the host

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posted on 2023-09-19, 03:21 authored by Melanie K. Hess, Hannah E. Hodgkinson, Andrew S. Hess, Larissa Zetouni, Juliana C. C. Budel, Hannah Henry, Alistair Donaldson, Timothy P. Bilton, Tracey C. van Stijn, Michelle R. Kirk, Ken G. Dodds, Rudiger Brauning, Alan F. McCulloch, Sharon M. Hickey, Patricia L. Johnson, Arjan Jonker, Nickolas Morton, Shaun Hendy, V. Hutton Oddy, Peter H. Janssen, John C. McEwan, Suzanne J. Rowe
Additional file 6. Supplemental Table 9. The genomic relationship matrix for the New Zealand samples.


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