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Additional file 6: of Identification of protein-damaging mutations in 10 swine taste receptors and 191 appetite-reward genes

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posted on 2016-08-26, 05:00 authored by Alex Clop, Abdoallah Sharaf, Anna Castelló, Sebastián Ramos-Onsins, Susanna Cirera, Anna Mercadé, Sophia Derdak, Sergi Beltran, Abe Huisman, Merete Fredholm, Pieter van As, Armand Sánchez
List of variants confirmed to be real polymorphisms by genotyping. MAF = observed minor allele frequency; * H variants which MAF is close to that of rare variants and display the three genotypic classes in the genotyped animals. (XLSX 12 kb)


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