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Additional file 6: of Ancient role of vasopressin/oxytocin-type neuropeptides as regulators of feeding revealed in an echinoderm

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posted on 31.07.2019, 04:00 authored by Esther Odekunle, Dean Semmens, Nataly Martynyuk, Ana Tinoco, Abdullah Garewal, Radhika Patel, Liisa Blowes, Meet Zandawala, Jérôme Delroisse, Susan Slade, James Scrivens, Michaela Egertová, Maurice Elphick
Raw values where data are based on smaller sample sizes. Table S1: Raw data for Fig. 7c inset, which compares the relaxing effects of asterotocin and S2 on cardiac stomach preparations; n = 5. Table S2: Raw data for Fig. 7d inset, which shows the mean percentage reversal of ACh-induced contraction of apical muscle preparations caused by asterotocin; n = 4. (XLSX 33 kb)


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