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Additional file 5 of Reference genome and transcriptome informed by the sex chromosome complement of the sample increase ability to detect sex differences in gene expression from RNA-Seq data

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posted on 2020-07-22, 06:11 authored by Kimberly C. Olney, Sarah M. Brotman, Jocelyn P. Andrews, Valeria A. Valverde-Vesling, Melissa A. Wilson
Additional file 5: List of samples that were removed from downstream analysis. Samples that did not cluster with the reported sex or clustered in unexpected ways were removed from the differential expression analysis. One male XY whole blood, 4 female XX and 4 male XY brain cortex, and one female XX breast sample were removed.


National Institute of General Medical Sciences (US) Biodesign Institute, Arizona State University (US) School of Life Sciences, Arizona State University (US)


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