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Additional file 5 of Isotypes of autoantibodies against novel differential 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal-modified peptide adducts in serum is associated with rheumatoid arthritis in Taiwanese women

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posted on 2021-02-11, 04:31 authored by Kai-Leun Tsai, Che-Chang Chang, Yu-Sheng Chang, Yi-Ying Lu, I-Jung Tsai, Jin-Hua Chen, Sheng-Hong Lin, Chih-Chun Tai, Yi-Fang Lin, Hui-Wen Chang, Ching-Yu Lin, Emily Chia-Yu Su
Additional file 5: Table S2. Sequences of unmodified and 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal (HNE)-modified peptides.


Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan