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Additional file 5: of Comparative analysis of sequencing technologies for single-cell transcriptomics

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posted on 09.04.2019, 05:00 by Kedar Natarajan, Zhichao Miao, Miaomiao Jiang, Xiaoyun Huang, Hongpo Zhou, Jiarui Xie, Chunqing Wang, Shishang Qin, Zhikun Zhao, Liang Wu, Naibo Yang, Bo Li, Yong Hou, Shiping Liu, Sarah Teichmann
Table S3. Single-cell library statistics computed from randomly downsampled 1 million paired-end sequencing reads for mESCs performed using SMARTer and Smart-seq2 protocols and sequenced across HiSeq2500 and BGISEQ-500 platforms. (CSV 48 kb)


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