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Additional file 3 of Yoghurt consumption is associated with changes in the composition of the human gut microbiome and metabolome

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posted on 2022-02-04, 04:26 authored by Caroline Ivanne Le Roy, Alexander Kurilshikov, Emily R. Leeming, Alessia Visconti, Ruth C. E. Bowyer, Cristina Menni, Mario Fachi, Hana Koutnikova, Patrick Veiga, Alexandra Zhernakova, Mureil Derrien, Tim D. Spector
Additional file 3: Supplementary Table 2. Association between yoghurt consumption gut microbiota alpha diversity. Results were obtained by fitting linear mixed effect model where alpha diversity metrics generated from 16S rRNA and shotgun metagenomics data from two cohort were used as a response to level of yoghurt consumption and BMI, sex and age, as well as HEI and family structure for TwinsUK only, were used as covariates.


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