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Additional file 3: of Replicated methylation changes associated with eczema herpeticum and allergic response

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posted on 2019-08-24, 03:52 authored by Meher Boorgula, Margaret Taub, Nicholas Rafaels, Michelle Daya, Monica Campbell, Sameer Chavan, Aniket Shetty, Chris Cheadle, Sangjucta Barkataki, Jinshui Fan, Gloria David, Terri Beaty, Ingo Ruczinski, Jon Hanifin, Lynda Schneider, Richard Gallo, Amy Paller, Lisa Beck, Donald Leung, Rasika Mathias, Kathleen Barnes
Table S4. DMPs significant from ADEH− vs controls and/or ADEH+ vs controls analysis at an FDR threshold of 0.05 from model adjusting for six cell types. (XLSX 91 kb)