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Additional file 3 of Performance of an electronic health record-based phenotype algorithm to identify community associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus cases and controls for genetic association studies

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posted on 2016-11-17, 05:00 authored by Kathryn Jackson, Michael Mbagwu, Jennifer Pacheco, Abigail Baldridge, Daniel Viox, James Linneman, Sanjay Shukla, Peggy Peissig, Kenneth Borthwick, David Carrell, Suzette Bielinski, Jacqueline Kirby, Joshua Denny, Frank Mentch, Lyam Vazquez, Laura Rasmussen-Torvik, Abel Kho
Figure S1: A: CA-MRSA GWAS results in European Americans. B: CA-MRSA GWAS results in African Americans. (ZIP 294 kb)


National Human Genome Research Institute