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Additional file 3 of Multi-omics colocalization with genome-wide association studies reveals a context-specific genetic mechanism at a childhood onset asthma risk locus

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posted on 2021-10-11, 03:14 authored by Marcus M. Soliai, Atsushi Kato, Britney A. Helling, Catherine T. Stanhope, James E. Norton, Katherine A. Naughton, Aiko I. Klinger, Emma E. Thompson, Selene M. Clay, Soyeon Kim, Juan C. Celedón, James E. Gern, Daniel J. Jackson, Matthew C. Altman, Robert C. Kern, Bruce K. Tan, Robert P. Schleimer, Dan L. Nicolae, Jayant M. Pinto, Carole Ober
Additional file 3: Gene expression PCA results for unadjusted (Gx Unadjusted) and adjusted (Gx Adjusted) data. P-values are shown for correlations for the first 10 PCs with each covariate.


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