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Additional file 3 of Molecular characterization of B. anthracis isolates from the anthrax outbreak among cattle in Karnataka, India

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posted on 01.08.2020, 07:13 by Akanxa Roonie, Saugata Majumder, Joseph J. Kingston, Manmohan Parida
Additional file 3. PCR for the screening of Bacillus anthracis specific prophages and loci in the 12 B. anthracis DFR.BHE strains 1–12. A. PCR with B. anthracis specific prophage genes, (a).lambda01, (b). lambda02, (c). lambda03 and (d). lambda04 and B. PCR with B. anthracis specific loci (a) dhp 61.183 (loci A), (b). dhp 77.002 (loci C), (c). dhp 73.019 (loci D), and (d). dhp 73.017 (loci E). Lane 1–12, B. anthracis DFRL.BHE strains 1–12 along with positive (Lane P: B. anthracis BA10) and negative (Lane N: B. cereus ATCC 14579) controls. Lane M: 100 bp molecular marker.



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